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"To be the best and most succesful wound components trade association in the world."


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The International Coil Winding Association (ICWA) is the only UK based Trade Association dedicated to the promotion of the Wound Component industry.

The objectives of the Association are:

  1. To be a proactive, non-profit making trade association for the benefit of our members
  2. To promote the Coil Winding industry and further the interests of its members by means of exhibitions, trade fairs and/or conventions
  3. To publicise the coil winding industry by the issue of reports and other publications and by holding regular meetings of the Council, elected by the ICWA members to further the interests of members through the technical press and other media
  4. To act as a means on behalf of its members to communicate and negotiate with Government Departments assisting in international trade
  5. To co-operate with National Standards organisations to help formulate International/European Standards allied to the coil winding industry
  6. To establish a platform that promotes international trading
  7. To give members such advice on technical, sourcing, marketing and exporting issues as shall appear to be proper and desirable for the Association