INTEGRATED SAFETY A world first: Certified BLOCK FAIL-SAFE transformer for input voltages 230 V and 400 V.


The primary-side concept of the BLOCK FAIL-SAFE transformers guarantees continually safe power interruption in the event of short circuit or overload – now also available for 400 V. This provides complete safety for users and the environment. As such, additional protection is no longer needed.
The VDE Testing and Certification Institute in Offenbach, Germany has confirmed compliance with standards and therefore the safe function of BLOCK FAIL-SAFE transformers, meaning that they have been awarded the ENEC and VDE mark.
The BLOCKIMPEX vacuum impregnation ensures a very high level of corrosion protection and low noise. Up to 160 VA, the BLOCK FAIL-SAFE transformers are equipped with a combi footplate, optionally available for screw or DIN rail mounting.


Single Phase Safe Isolation Transformer TT1

Block GmbH

In addition to the safe electrical isolation between the input and output side and the high efficiency of up to 98%, the new transformers from the BLOCK TT1 series excel as a result of their compact, slimline upright design. They are available in combinations of control and safety transformers or control and isolating transformers with power ratings of 1 kVA to 25 kVA. To ensure seamless worldwide use, the transformers are UL certified and bear the corresponding mark of conformity. The patented head angle with optimally aligned crane eyes as well as easily accessible oblong holes in the foot area ensure easy assembly in the wiring cabinet. If required, the transformers can be provided with IP23 and IP54 degrees of protection. The unique BLOCKIMPEX vacuum impregnation guarantees a long service life and keeps noise levels to a minimum.


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Miles Platts upcoming events

APEC 2016 – “Power Magnetics @High Frequency – Solving the Black Magic!”

We are pleased to announce that we will be supporting our USA distributor, Dexter Magnetic Technologies at the APEC 2016 conference at Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, CA, on 20 – 24 March 2016.

As part of the conference The PSMA Magnetics Committee will hold workshop “Power Magnetics @ High Frequency – Solving the Black Magic!” the day before APEC 2016, Saturday March 19 2016, at the same venue. The IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) is a technical co-sponsor for the workshop.

The keynote presentations will be followed by interactive sessions of table top displays at 11am. The table top displays will be a combination of modelling and simulation demonstrations, measurements of actual magnetic components, test equipment demonstrations and e-poster type displays.

Dexter Magnetic Technologies will be presenting at the workshop between 11am – 1pm on ‘Concept to Reality’ and discussing five different aspects of magnetic design including:

  • Ferrites
  • Amorphous
  • Iron powder
  • Bobbins
  • Wire

Miles Platts will be presenting on bobbins during the session, which is designed to show how several key engineering disciplines are brought into the bobbin design and solution process.  We will also share insight on the tool design process and moulding of plastic intended for the coil winding industry and will conclude with specific design solutions to customer concepts.

For more information on the workshop or to register your attendance visit:


Save the date- 10-12 May 2016- CWIEME Berlin 2016!

Miles Platts will be exhibiting at CWIEME Berlin 2016 on 10-12 May 2016! Last year over 6,500 delegates from global manufacturers across the automotive, energy, electrical and electronics sectors attended to discover new products and solutions.

We will be showcasing our new product range, custom bobbins, and discussing our standard and bespoke product capabilities. We’d love to see you there!


New employees

In 2015 Miles Platts acquired 3 new members of staff integral to the business.

Jonathan Fraser- Quality Manager

Jonathan Fraser joined Miles Platts in 2015 as Quality Manager; with over 25 years of injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding experience within the plastic industry he is responsible for leading and developing the product quality and quality management system accreditation to ISO 9001:2008.

Jonathan is a qualified quality and environmental auditor to IS0 9001 and ISO 14001 respectively, he works closely with the production departments to ensure the raw material process and finished products meet safety and customer requirements. Whilst representing the quality function in the development of new processes he is also responsible for championing the Company Quality Policy, ensuring it is implemented and understood by all staff whilst improving efficiencies through smarter working, cost and waste reduction.

Darren Cousins- Maintenance Engineer

Darren joined Miles Platts in January 2016, he is an experienced front line electrical maintenance engineer. Darren has over 25 years of experience proving preventative planned maintenance within a continuous production environment. He is responsible for maintaining a safe, effective and efficient working environment for employees within the business as well as managing inspections by regulatory bodies and ensuring compliance.

Komal Bhatt- Marketing & Business Development

Komal joined Miles Platts in July 2015 as part of the company’s growth strategy. An experienced Marketing Manager she has over 10 years of experience managing marketing strategies and implementing business development campaigns to generate new business opportunities. Komal is also responsible for the ongoing development of the new website which was launched in Q3 of 2015, all social media platforms, organising events and compiling marketing content.


Miles Platts – 5 year investment programme

Future proofing our high precision production capability, Miles Platts have embarked on a five year upgrade program of 10 new moulding machines at our Leicestershire site; the first 2 Arburg machines arrived in December 2015. Miles Platts is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of precision technical mouldings in advanced high performance, flame retardant and glass filled engineering polymers. We operate across many industry sectors but have particular expertise in the coil-winding and E&E areas where high precision moulding, zero draft and tight tolerances are the benchmark.

The new investment will allow us to offer improved control of the moulding process giving higher repeatability and reliability for precise, tightly toleranced components. With Cpk values of 1.33 and higher being requested by customers it’s vital that the production equipment has this high level of capability. The enhanced level of control will bring around a reduction of in-process scrap and improve the effectiveness of the machines leading to an overall, higher output in a shorter time. The modernised capabilities of the machines will give them a higher capacity to cope with planned growth over the next 5 years. With plans to increase sales and serve new market sectors over the coming years this investment will allow us to attract new customers who are looking for high quality, forward thinking suppliers.

The Leicester, UK production facility, which employs 45 staff, is managed by Factory Manager, Mark Smith.

Mark said “This is the first stage of an investment programme which is targeted specifically at extending the capability and scope of products we can offer. We are focused on having the best people and machines to meet our customers exacting and evolving requirements. Recent staff additions in our in-house toolmaking capacity, quality and sales combined with these and other planned machine purchases will cement our position as a world leader in technical moulding”


Ridgway Awarded Additional Major Contract for Tape Wrapping Systems on ITER International Fusion Energy Project

November 2013
Automated taping head to insulate Toroidal Field magnet components
Ridgway Machines, world leader in taping machinery for the energy and power industries is pleased to announce receipt of a further major contract for the ITER international nuclear fusion reactor project.  Placed by Elytt Energy, a European based innovator in high technology solutions for atomic fusion and new energy sources, this order covers additional tape wrapping head systems to insulate superconductor coils for the ITER Toroidal Field (TF) magnets.

Elytt Energy is part of a European Union (EU) consortium together with ASG Italy and Iberdrola Spain, responsible for manufacture of 10 Winding Packs for the TF coils. The packs will then be supplied by Fusion for Energy (F4E) who are managing Europe’s contribution to ITER.

ITER has been called the largest science experiment in history and aims to demonstrate the technical and scientific feasibility of fusion power for commercial-scale energy. The ITER Tokamak machine will be one of the most complicated machines ever engineered – 30 metres high and 23000 tons, housing an estimated 1 million components. The TF magnets produce a magnetic field around the Torus, whose primary function is to confine plasma particles. The coils weigh 6540 tons, after the vacuum vessel they are the largest ITER components.

The ITER organisation was formed to advance the development of hydrogen fusion as an energy source. Fusion is a safe, carbon-free energy source fuelled by abundant resources (heavy hydrogen from sea water) and can produce high levels of power. Partners China, the European Union (EU), India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States will implement the project during its estimated 10-year construction and 20-year operational phases.  The seven ITER members share every aspect of the project, including science, procurement, finance and staffing, with the aim that ultimately each member will have the know-how to produce its own fusion energy plant. Ridgway recently announced a major contract to provide taping heads to insulate the ITER Central Solenoid (CS) magnet coils supplied by the US.

Ridgway’s Sales and Marketing Director, Andy Clarke, said, “We are delighted to win this substantial further contract for the ITER project.  We will be working in close collaboration with our customer to meet the specification and performance standards for this demanding engineering application.”

ITER Tokamak (TF Coils highlighted in orange)
For further information please contact:
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Tel: +44 (0)116 289 9199

About Ridgway Machines Limited

Ridgway Machines is the leading manufacturer of a diverse range of precision taping and winding machines for the global electrical and energy industries, with over 90 years engineering experience. Ridgway equipment is widely used in the manufacture of electrical coils, taping electrical cable and conductors and producing Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP) for oil and gas pipelines. For more information, please contact us or visit our website.