Standards Section

ICWA Standards Library

We are still increasing our Standards Reference Library for the benefit of our members. We now have Part 1 and those Part 2’s that have been released of BS EN 61558, the main transformer standard. There are other standards that are applicable to our industry and these are shown in the list below. If there is any other standards that individual members require then please let us know. We can consider whether it would be worthwhile to other members and the Association can purchase the standard and include it in our library.

Our present list is as follows:

Safety of power transformers, power supply units and similar –

BS EN 61558-1:1998 Incorporating Amendments 1 and 2 and Corrigendum No1

Part 1: General requirements.

List of Part 2’s of the Standard (to be used in conjunction with Part 1)-

BS EN 61558-2-1: Particular requirements for separating transformers for general use.

BS EN 61558-2-2: Particular requirements for control transformers.

BS EN 61558-2-3: Particular requirements for ignition transformers for gas and oil burners.

BS EN 61558-2-4: Particular requirements for isolating transformers for general use

BS EN 61558-2-5: Particular requirements for shaver transformers and shaver supply units

BS EN 61558-2-6: Particular requirements for safety isolating  transformers for general use

BS EN 61558-2-7: Particular requirements for transformers for toys

BS EN 61558-2-8: Particular requirements for bells and chimes transformers

BS EN 61558-2-9: Particular requirements for transformers for class III  handlamps incorporating tungsten filament lamps

BS EN 61558-2-12: Particular requirements for stabilising transformers

BS EN 61558-2-13: Particular requirements for auto transformers

BS EN 61558-2-15: Particular requirements for isolating transformers for the supply of medical rooms

BS EN 61558-2-17: Particular requirements for transformers for switch mode power supplies

BS EN 61558-2-19: Particular requirements for mains borne perturbation  attenuator transformers with earthed mid-point

BS EN 61558-2-20: Particular requirements for small reactors

BS EN 61558-2-23: Particular requirements for transformers for  construction sites

IEC 852 Outline dimensions of transformers and inductors for use in telecommunication and electronic equipment
IEC 852-1: Transformers and inductors using YEI-1 laminations
IEC 852-1: Transformers and inductors using YEx-2 laminations for printed wiring board mounting
IEC 852-3: Transformers and inductors using YUI-1 laminations
IEC 852-4: Transformers and inductors using YUI-2 laminations
IEC 852-5: Transformers and inductors using the series Q of C-cores

Power Transformers (Old BS 171)
BS EN 60076-1: General
BS EN 60076-2: Temperature Rise
BS171-3: Specification for insulation levels and dielectric tests
BS171-4: Specification for tappings and connections
BS171-5: Specification for ability to withstand short circuit
BS EN 60950: Safety of information technology equipment, including electrical business equipment
BS EN 41003:1999 Particular safety requirements for equipment to be connected to telecommunications networks
BS EN 55015:1996 Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment
BS 3535:1990 Isolating transformers and safety isolating transformers
Part 2. Specification for transformers for reduced low voltage systems
(Note: This is not to be used for new designs as it is being replaced with BS EN61558-2-23.)

Standards for Electrical Insulation Systems

Electrical insulation systems- Procedures for thermal evaluation

IEC 61857-1: General requirements – Low voltage
IEC 61857-21: Specific requirements for general-purpose model – Wire-wound applications
IEC 61857-22: Specific requirements for encapsulated-coil model – Wire-wound electrical insulation system (EIS)
IEC 61857-23: Specific requirements for general purpose, tall-channel model – Wire-wound electrical insulation system (EIS)
IEC 61858: Electrical insulation systems – Thermal evaluations to an established wire-wound EIS
IEC 62114 Electrical insulation systems(EIS) – Thermal classification